About The Reedmaker

Cheryl Wefler

My reedmaking background is varied and includes a lot of experimentation to fit other oboists needs.

I learned formally with the Sprenkle-Ledet book from a former student of Mr. Sprenkle, John William Denton. I studied with Sara L. Bloom at the Cincinnati College-conservatory of Music. Mrs. Bloom, besides being an artist herself, was the renowned reedmaker for Mr. Bloom.

I learned to work fast making reeds for David Straubinger Woodwinds.

I bartered with a friend, by making reeds for a year, in exchange for her gouger. That's when the experimenting began!

I have incorporated into my reeds, feedback from a wide variety of sources: a Ronald Roseman student, Washington Barella (a german oboist), Mr. Lucarelli, Allan Vogel, Ray Still, David Weiss, Fred Korman and many other fine musicians.

Experimentation, by making single changes and testing the reeds is the greatest self-educational tool. Likewise, reedmaking parties with friends are highly informative and fun. Anyone who has been to one of my reedmaking clinics knows I am a self-proclaimed "reed nerd"!

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