A gesture to musicians who need to continue making music.
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Musicians need to make music......period.  My heart hurts with the loss of connecting with fellow musicians and audience members witht the  ecessary distancing needed to keep us safe.

For now, most of us are working on technique, fundamentals and repertoire we rarely have time to do.  Witht the current state of live music opportunities being what they are, my thought was to help keep people practicing with good reeds at a discount.

Now through September 30 you can order your favorite reeds in discounted bundles:

Bundle "A" - Buy 2 Custom Pro reeds and get a third for 1/2 price

Bundle "B" - Buy 3 Custom Pro reeds and get a fourth reed FREE

Bundle "C" - Buy 2 Standard Pro reeds and get a third reed 1/2 price

Bundle "D" - Buy 3 Standard Pro reeds and get a fourth reed FREE

Time, the rarest of commodities, is here for the summer!  Make the most of it with this offer.

Stay safe, be healthy, help others when you can, and make beautiful music.

All the best wishes to you,

Cheryl Wefler / Cascade Oboe Reeds




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